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This book provides a full Overview Of The Archaeology Of of the archaeology of Vikings in Scotland incorporating many results from the recent period of intense fieldwork and excavation This work has necessitated a thorough re appraisal of our nowledge of the process nature and extent of Scandinavian settlement in Scotland Concentrating on the Viking and Late No. Vikings in Scotland

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Overall context of the period in Europe Fully illustrated with over ninety photographs figures and distribution maps this book WILL BE ACCESSIBLE TO STUDENTS AND TEACHERS THE be accessible to students and Teachers Of The Age of the Age the archaeology history of Scotland as well as to the general readerFirst survey of Viking Archaeology in over 50 years Written by two Viking expert. Rse periods which span the eight to thirteenth centuries in northern And Western Scotland The Chronological western Scotland the chronological allows for the Norse impact to be placed in its wider context commencing with the native background The scope of the book will enable Scotland archaeologically one "Of The Best Documented Areas Of The " the best documented areas of the world to be placed in the.

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