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Obergammerau for the famous Passion Play about the life of Jesus Most of the girls including Jo are inspired by it but Grizel resists Jo manages to repair Juliet Carrick s broken romance why since the man in uestion has not been very kind to Juliet We also meet the Saints competitors at a nearby school and the shadow over the life of Robin Joey s little adopted sister is revealed This is one of the last books to show Joey as an obstreperous fun loving schoolgirl in later pisodes she is competent dignified and nearly saintly Entertaining ntry in the series Probably my least favourite in the series and not one that I read as a kid The characters just don t seem to be in character to me or maybe they just a This is one of the best books in this series in my opinion I generally prefer the Tyrol books to the later ones In this book Jo faces the fact that she is growing up and must take on responsibilities beginning with being Head Girl In addition the Robin s health is giving the doctors concern while Juliet is having problems of her own In these circumstances Jo has no choice but to grow up But there are also always the Middles and their misdeeds as they think up xploits that no one lse ver has Good believable characterization The only drawback is that there are a few rrors in continuity Highly recommended It took me awhile to get *back into the mindset to njoy a plotless story that is just slices of life but I got *into mindset to njoy a plotless story that is just slices of life but Once I Got The I got the fifty pages I couldn t put it down This one s a real mixed bag It got a bit slow in the middle but then livened up a good deal The focus was on Jo s time as head girl yet it didn t really do that focus justice I never really got a sense of what Jo was like as head we really only saw what she was like as a sister Destined for head girl ver since. Ot a responsibility she is looking forward to The lively antics of the Middle School are Conflict in Blood eno. Back to my re reading of the Chalet School It opens on a grumpy Jo grumping about her impending head girlship and adulthood and judging by most of the CS alumnas alumnaengagement marriage and motherhood within three years of leaving school Needless to say the grumpiness doesn t last long *after she s had the chance to percolate *she S HAD THE CHANCE TO PERCOLATE GENTLE PEP TALK had the chance to percolate gentle pep talk Gisela she slips seamlessly into the role of the sensible head girl but of course without losing her ssential Jo ness In some ways this is uite a lighthearted instalment I mean apart from

"The Worry Over Robin "
worry over Robin health nothing new but in this case it is an immediate concern for the grownups at the sanatorium some of the writing as Jo reacts to learning this is EBD at her best and really uite affecting and the Middles mischief making which is an ongoing theme throughout despite apparently peaking when they cause havoc in Oberammagau the day before they attend the Passion Play they manage to outdo themselves by sort of kidnapping with her full cooperation an Irish orphan who has such an Oirish bedad bejabbers and begorrah accent I m surprised it wasn t printed in green inkThe fact that this is a reprint doesn t mean that all of the problematic language has been removed Jo s hair is compared to that of a well known type of doll used to advertise Robinson s jam back in the day on several occasions I ve said in previous reviews that I don t get offended by language of the time being used in books and I don t but that doesn t mean it doesn t occasionally bring me up shortA thoroughly njoyable visit back to the Tiernsee perfect for a slightly damp afternoon Jo is reluctant to be Headgirl of the Chalet School because she fears it will put an nd to the fun she has had in her school days there But there is some fun for her notably a trip to. It's the beginning of Jo's last year at the Chalet School She is to be head girl but it is Day one she s finally done it The Chalet School and Jo sees Joey assume the mantle of head girl She s not happy at the prospect and goes off grumbling
"To The Intensely Serene "
the intensely serene married And Making Of The Babies Former Head making of the babies former head Gisela Gisela puts Joey on the right track and Joey sets about making her term a successHowever There s worries about the Robin s health there s a raven haired Irish orphaline with a begorrah worthy accent wandering the Platz and those pesky Middles are being well pesky Who knows how things are going to nd upWell to be frank we all do because we know how the system works by now The middles Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) even at thisarly stage in the series are tempestuous souls and their activities in this book are a bit amazing We have the soon to become legendary Oberammergau incident and also the Biddy in the shed incident It s sort of glorious and bonkers all at the same time and if that s not a good way to describe the Chalet School series as a whole then I ll hand in my book nerd badge at the doorCoupled with this though is the story *Of Robin Brent Dyer Wrote *Robin Brent Dyer wrote when it dances on the Logic, Labels, And Flesh edge of death so very very well and this book sees some of her finest work There are points in it full of stillness and pain that make me weep And I imagine they ll always make me weep But then in comparison with that we have the odd little romance subplot between Juliet and AN Other She s left school Marry her off It s a constant fascination to me how Brent Dyer kept these distinct tonal opposites in complete harmony It s a skill thatven she lost Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design eventuallyvidence a I take it we re The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths engaged Like it darling The first book that has jo Bettany as head girl This is amotional read due to the robin s illness it had me choked up Whoa great book DxOwn a copy but not willing to sell PlaceholderF Ugh to keep anyone busy but on top of that there is the terrible worry of the Robin's illnes.

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The Chalet School and Jo
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