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Clarkesworld (Clarkesworld Anthology, gMuch he can takeOne uestion that needs answered RIGHT NOW When is the next book in this series being released This is a superb addition to what is a stellar series We are in Aberdeen the weather can be relied on to be atrocious and there are bodies with their heads covered with bin bags that have been tortured and killed So begins a twisted trail for the dynamic duo of the hard working put upon Logan McCrae and the iconic DCI Steele Logan attends two funerals the localangster that is Wee Hamish Mowat who beueaths Logan his criminal empire and much of his fortune and a litany of problems The second funeral is that of Logan s irlfriend in a coma Samantha whose life support he has to switch offThe murderous psycho that is Reuban is continually trying in to kill Logan and pushes him into doing things that are outside his comfort zone and his character The relationship between Logan and Steele is a sight to behold and cherish as it veers from hate to loyalty and affection which is a badge of dysfunctional families Talking of families an unexpected family member is revealed to Logan The trail of the murders is a dangerous one that takes its toll on the police team And oh yes Logan is pushed to investigate Steele by Professional Standards The black humour and comic timing is spot on the slapstick comedic touches also work a treatWhat can I say Stuart MacBride s other books Ash series are merely okay However he makes up for all that in the magnificence of the Logan and Steele series Here he is nothing short of a enius and I am shocked that no one has yet made a TV series of the books If you haven t ot round to reading this series you are missing out Can t wait for the next book in the series In the Cold Dark Ground is the 10th the next book in the series In the Cold Dark Ground is the 10th the Logan McRae series by Stuart MacBride and you could say McRae was having a run of very bad days Murders Aberdeen s Wee Hamish Mowat head of the criminal underbelly wants to be McRae s very ood friend DCI Steel is iving him what for nothing different there Professional Standards are leaning on McRae for help and a new Superintendent also has her beady eyes on him To make matters worse it s Samantha s time and he doesn t know how he s oing to deal with that eitherGetting beaten up several times and trying to define what to do with what he should do makes the bottle of trying to define what to do with what he should do makes the bottle of expensive whisky o down well Will McRae wangle his way out of this one Another ritty intense mind boggling episode which could easily have been shorter than its 500 pages which is worth recommending to fans of the author and Scottish thrillers What can I say This book is absolutely flippin fantastic I missed bus stops reading it With no doubt at all the best crime fiction I ve read this year uite possibly in years Even better than The Missing and the Dead how is that possible Fantastic read as always Can t fault Stuart MacBrides storytelling and who doesn t love Inspector Steel. Onal Standards are unning for Steel; and Wee Hamish Mowat head of Aberdeen’s criminal underbelly is dying – leaving rival angs from all over the UK eying his territoryThere’s a war brewing and Logan’s trapped right in the middle whether he likes it or S becoming a parody of herself I am iving this five stars for sheer enjoyment and readability So it was over 500 pages long they just disappeared in the twinkling of an eye There was the usual chaos of a Logan McRae story people talking without ever listening to each other sub usual chaos of a Logan McRae story people talking without ever listening to each other sub by the bucketful multiple deaths funerals and fight scenes Logan McCrae experiences a really awful few weeks of his life and amazingly survives bruised and battered but still breathingOf course the best part of these books is the relationship between McCrae and DCI Steele She is truly An Original And Their Dialogue original and their dialogue really funny I was surprised at how things ended between them in this book and wonder how they are oing to come back from what occurs And if McCrae does what I think he is خاطرات یک زن توده ای going to well the mind boggles Anyway Stuart MacBride hasot us this far I am sure I can trust him to take things onwards I am very much looking forward to the next book DNF at 35% I m not sure if I m in the right state of mind for this book this year or if the repetitive humor isn t working for me any It s Is Government the Source of Monopoly? and Other Essays (Cato Paper ; No. 9) getting a bit same sameI ve read all the other books in this series and liked them so I m not sure why this time it s just not working for meHope to revisit this book in the future Another fantastic volume in the DS Logan McRae seriesStuart MacBride leaves nothing out in thisritty missing person mystery and while the mystery itself is engaging the personal story of Logan is what drives this one He has to deal with The Death Of Crime Boss death of crime boss Hamish Mowat who has tagged Logan to take over his crime family He has to deal with Reuben the Beast who has been waiting to take over Mowat s crime syndicate potentially setting off a turf war in Aberdeen with Malk the Knife and the Campbells He has to deal with the decision to take long time One Too Many Blows To The Head girlfriend Samantha off of life support and allow her to pass on Logan also has to deal with a new superintendent professional standards poking around and of course he has to deal with DCI Roberta Steel who has been a thorn in his side for all ten volumes of this seriesAs I write this out it sounds like a really bad soap opera plot but trust me you WANT to read thisThere were some real surprises in this book some that I never would haveuessed in a million years Logan is a The Dressmakers Gift good man who just can t seem to win and yet he s always able to scrap his way out of trouble solve the crimemystery and live to see another day Except this time the book ends on a multi point cliffhanger Did he or didn t he And what happens to Steel I did NOT see that one comingStuart MacBride is one of the few authors that s willing to do anything to keep his characters fresh from promotions and demotions writing events in their lives that are so very heart wrenching and allowing plot points that actually hurt the characters both physically and emotionally DS Logan hasone through so much over the years one has to wonder how. An’s ex boss Detective Chief Inspector Steel And as usual she wants him to do her job for herBut it’s not oing to be easy a new Superintendent is on her way up from the Serious Organised Crime Task Force hell bent on making Logan’s life miserable; Professi. In the Cold Dark Ground

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This is the tenth book in the Logan McRae series Stuart MacBrideI have read all the previous nine books in this series and found them read all the previous books in this series and found them be uite a mixed bag I really enjoyed the early books but of late found the books a little bit stale and predictable This one however was back to the series at it s best The main characters are funny in places and so well developed throughout the series that you can easily picture them in your mind as the story is toldIn this book bodies are found with their heads covered with bin bags having been tortured and killed Logan McCrae and the very funny DCI Steele investigate but they both have their own troubles Logan attends the funeral of local angster Wee Hamish Mowat who has beueathed his empire of crime and over 600k to Logan which Street Without a Name: Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria gives Logan severe problems to not only his safety but also to his moral c 45In the Cold Dark Ground is the tenth instalment in Stuart MacBride s brilliant Logan McRae series and it s another belterThe action in this novel takes place in the area to the north of Aberdeen the environs of Peterhead Fraserburg and Banff Logan McRae s regional jurisdiction as a uniform sergeant leading a team of constablesThe novel opens with McRae having a characteristically bad week His team are investigating two bodies discovered in woodland ten days apart and the possibly related disappearance of a Peterhead businessman several days ago They re starting to make progress when DCI Roberta Steel swings in with her Aberdeen based MIT major investigation team to take over thelory that is not the hard work Things turn Even Worse When High worse when high DSup Niamh Harper soon christened The Harpie arrives and seems to have a particular dislike for McRae making him her whipping boy Chief Superindendent Napier head of internal investigations is on the brink of retirement and wants to Running from Strangers go out on a high unfortunately he has McRae in his sights All this would be bad enough but McRae is also dealing with some pretty heavy personal baggage at the moment The following contains series spoilers view spoilerThe time has come for life support to be withdrawn from hisirlfriend Samantha who s been in a vegetative state in nursing care at Logan s expense for five years now Added to which Aberdeen angster Wee Hamish Mowatt is dying and wants to leave Logan not only a sizeable legacy which would be compromising enough but also the running of his criminal empire hide spoiler Not the usual five stars this 10th book in the series It is as all McBride books very very wel written It is cold it is wet and it is dark and not only the weather The plot is actually uite simple and I think this book serves only to end certain story lines and start new ones What made me ive 4 stars instead of 5 is the character of Roberta Steel There is way too much Steel in this book and I haven t seen her doing her actual work a lot The only thing she does is drinking shouting and whining She Sergeant Logan McRae is in troubleHis missing persons investigation has just turned up a body in the woods – naked hands tied behind its back and a bin bag duct taped over its head The Major Investigation Team charges up from Aberdeen under the beady eye of Log.