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If you like thrillers this book cannot be missed Great a first time author Story and writing is good for me to ignore editing mistakes I enjoyed storyits a first time author Story and writing is good enough for me to ignore editing mistakes I enjoyed the storyits ept me reading not wanting to put it down I was not at all impressed with the ending What happened Then I discovered there was a book 2 Excellent way to sell the next book Kudos I would have given this a 4but the number of mistakes was just unacceptableMary became MarryTo instead of Too all through the bookVolts Wagon instead of VolxwagenThrew instead of ThroughTheir instead of They reand it goes on and onThe story was great Find yourself a different editor though For the supposedly edited version this was still filled with many errors some seriously cringe worthy Even ignoring most of those the content and action was hard to handle Too many gee whiz coincidences and just strange things The Love lost and hidden Newly Edited and formatted Ten years ago Rachel Burn was a brilliant bright happy energetic and out going young lady Or so she has been told Rachel remembers nothing of her life before a gun man shot her point blank range in the head Through no small miracle Rachel has survived the. Eing found again plot is well done I ve SEEN THE SAME PLOT BEFORE BUT STILL ENJOYED IT the same plot before but still enjoyed it sadly that is about the only redeeming feature A woman who is a gun fanatic weapons hidden all around the house who spends far time giving up the guns to the bad guys than ever considering actually shooting one Then there is Heinrich Himmler s Lugarsic not to be confused with the Beringer sic or the44 Magnum our small and weak gun fan fires one handed Maybe before writing about guns the author might want to spend a day at a range The corrupt cop who s partner is tortured and decapitated but just a few pages later is in the hospital and getting better I m confused That must be some really good glue they use or something Police that are so terminally stupid that they don t even use basic investigative techniues have no clue about forensics and constantly let the bad guys go with a consoling pat on the back Mommy Make the bad go. Incident however not fully intact A decade later and she is a vicious shell of a woman hell bent on the destruction of her life and anyone who would get in her way All of that changes when a daring stranger walks out of Rachel's past to tell her All of that changes when a daring stranger walks out of Rachel's past to tell her her life is not what she has bee. Away whimper If you have the patience of a trained and Seem To Be to be desperate read anything without any thought to wondering how realistic this story is Then please join me and read thisI can t believe as seemingly promising as this book started I d be running loops with bizarre multiple times over psychotic Villians From All Angles How from all angles How of bizarre evil can these characters have against them I actually didn t finish reading the book It started out okay but uickly became so unrealistic I was pulled out of the story and didn t want to continue Rachel s character also started morphing too uickly from meanest hardest person ever to not too uickly I guess this book is entertaining but the story is just NOT realistic If you want a story about some people that everybody wants to ill you need some better reason why people would want them dead This book absorbed my ability to think Worst thriller I ve ever read. N told The arrival of this ghost from Rachel's past sparks a series of events that sends Rachel on the run for her life which she has finally found a reason to live Follow Rachel as she fights to unravel her past before it ends her futureThis novel contains explicit sex and violence. .

In Her Eyes

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