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Overall it was an enjoyable read It is filled with interesting history and entertaining stories that give a look behind the curtain I did think it with interesting history and entertaining stories that give a look behind the curtain I did think it have been better to write this book when Manning or Brady retired since so much with this rivalry happened in the 2015 2016 season like Brady being hit by the Broncos defense than any B that season and Manning winning his second Super Bowl as it season and Manning winning his second Super Bowl as it altered the narrative I particularly enjoyed this book since I am a life long Broncos fan but was still interested in reading about Tom s background despite my disdain for the Patriots Any fan of the NFL would find it worthwhile The book does a good job of covering a lot of ground in the career makeup of both Bs and I found the side stories on coaches and teammates enjoyable Great book I m a huge Manning fan but learning about Brady s struggles to get on the field at UM gave me an insight on what motivates him I also liked the story of when the staff caught Brady late at night on a Friday working on his game As the author stated Bledsoe didn t even now there was a competition going on until it was too late How fitting to have read this book while the golden boy announced his retirementI m not sure how the title of this book fits the information in it I think it s a marketing gimmick than anything Of course I picked up the book because I wanted to learn about the behind the scenes APPARENT rivalry by arguably two of the best Bs of our time But what did I get the background stories of the B s from their college days to draft to memorable games It was interesting to learn but there was precious few information about this so called rivalry its the typical competitive stuff Like come on most football players are competitive so to read information that TM and PM are competitive and want to The Second Cure keep or break records is nothing new Too often fans are falling for the crafty acts of sports journalists that consistently manufacture sensational storylines Okay can I start on the choppy writing presentation at many points during this book I asked myself why Is Gary Myers writing books his presentation is choppy and he often drifts from one idea to the next and then back again Overall a so so book if you are into football and you want a little bit of context For a book promising us the inside story on the Brady vs Manning rivalry I was expecting a bit And maybe the revelation that gasp Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are friends off the field should have been enough But uite frankly I stillept feeling like there should have been a bit substance to this bookPart of this could be that as a Tennessee fan I ve followed Peyton since he become a Volunteer so there isn t much included here that I wouldn t already now because of my deep abiding fandom of Peyton and the Volunteers But as I read this book I couldn t help but feel that it would benefit from a bit of editing especially in some of the middle chapters as I began to feel like I was reading the same couple of anecdotes over and over againI also find it int. New York Times Bestseller From Acclaimed sports journalist Gary Myers comes the definitive inside account of the greatest rivalry in NFL historyTom Brady and Peyton Manning are perhaps the two greatest uarterbacks of all time They are living legends who have come to embody the uarterback position and shape an entire generation of the NFL They have also been fierce rivals every step of the way and their many epic duels have not only ranked among the best and most exciting games ever played they have fundamentally shaped the lives of and careers of both menBut for all their shared brilliance they are a study in contrasts Tom is the underdog turned ultimate winner an unheralded draft pick who went on to win a miraculous Super Bowl and become the leader of one of the NFL’s greatest dynasties He is as firmly associated with big game brilliance as anyone who has ever played Meanwh. Brady vs ManningIn the Superbowl the 20067 AFC Championship game I was in Korea *At The Time And *the time and game was on early Monday morning there I had to design meetings that I could not avoid and so missed the game taping it so I could watch later Between those meetings I learned the Pats were up 21 6 at the half and went into the second meeting feeling good When I was done I called my wife and heard that they lost A couple of days later I talked to my best friend Rick Cheeseman who was now back in the states and told him I couldn t bear to watch the tape He told me Dude you have to watch it First half was all Pats third uarter was all Colts and the fourth uarter was an Ali Frazier slugfest to see who could be the last standing I was of a fanatic fan back then and I didn t like who was the last standingso I tossed the tape in the trash Myers told me in this book how close it really was in that slugfest fourth uarter Myers had great access in writing this book and does a good clinical job of writing the narrative Myers talks about the friendship between the two and how they relate with others off the field painting them both as two incredibly focused and driven competitors There might be some eye openers here for some a few for me but even though they are both good guys who have human sides when it comes their chosen profession there will always be haters for the two best uarterbacks to play the game Some neat information and anecdotes there will always be haters for the two best uarterbacks to play the game Some neat information and anecdotes a book that organizes its ideas very poorly written with little flair and full of a whole lot of fluff even given the subject matter a whole chapter about how both Manning and Brady like to play practical jokes on their teammates dude Not the football book that transcends the genre I ll say charitably Beyond terrible This book fails on so many levels it is really not even worth reviewing For starters there is literally nothing untold in the entire book It is a collection of well nown stories that any educated sports fan is than familiar with Moreover it is completely incoherent The book itself doesn t shed any light at all on the rivalry between Manning and Brady None of their epic games are analyzed in any depth Worst of all the book itself has no structure It wanders back and forth through time often repeating the same anecdotes or game summaries discussed earlier or random non seuiturs The chapters are nonsensical For example there is a chapter titled the coach in the gray hoodie presumably Bill Belichick the author obviously failed to secure an interview with Belichick there s not one uote from him that doesn t come from an interview previously broadcast on national television Most of the chapter veers back and forth to Tony Dungy and Bob Kraft The book itself ends with a whimper with a random story about how the New York Jets beat the Patriots in a playoff game in 2010 The editor if there was one should be fired and the author should refund everyone who paid for this book If you want to read an interesting football book read the Education of a Coach by David Halberstrom instead. Tly different upbringings shape them and how has each handled the injuries and defeats they’ve dealt with over careers In this extraordinary book veteran NFL correspondent Gary Myers tackles this subject from every angle and with unprecedented access and insight drawing on a huge number of never before heard interviews with Brady and Manning their coaches their families and those who have played with them and against them The result is a remarkable collection of the most entertaining and revealing stories ever told about Peyton and Tom from how they developed their vastly different leadership styles to the unlikely friendship they’ve built over the years to their respective exploits as locker room pranksters Wildly entertaining and deeply thought provoking Brady vs Manning is essential reading for anyone who truly wants to understand these extraordinary playe. Eresting to read this book in the wake of the current hoopla surrounding Brady and deflate gate I realize that the book s lead time meant this couldn t really be delved into that much but reading some of what we find out about Brady here I can t help but feel like it sheds some new light on him as a player and person Brady vs Manning tries to walk a fine line in looking at this rivalry Unfortunately it doesn t uite do what it set out to do I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Overall this book was a satisfying Christmas read While I am a die hard Patriots fan the book managed to both uphold my view of Tom Brady but also made me see Peyton Manning in a positive light The author juxtaposes Brady s ability to overcome challenges with the fact that Manning has achieved great success in the face of expectations that would be almost impossible to meet The author clearly had access to a lot of sources and sought to present both uarterbacks in a positive light If anything I would have liked detailed analysis of some of the The Sorcerer's Apprentice key games that both have played in The second to the last chapter that focused on the pranks that both of them pull didn t really add very much to the book for me I will look forward to a detailed history of the rivalry once both have retired but this was a good read for fans to enjoy The idea for this book is great Brady and Manning have changed football the last 15 years and made are two of the entertaining sports stars out there But this book is so repetitive and terribly writing Simple sentence after simple sentence takes the sparkle out of these stars and creates a monotony of sludge with no new insight I wish a good writer had tackled this topic This review is for a pre release copy of the book from NetGalley This book was pretty bad and unenjoyable The writing veered from high school to level to pretty good sometimes from paragraph to paragraph things were repeated over and over and over again an it was really not what the subtitle promised Instead it was a decent biography of Manning with periodic slights and a hagiography of Brady with some revisionist history Lots and lots of filler in the book which is odd considering that it barely approached the rivalry or how it changed the NFL After reading that the author was a columnist it explained a lot of the problems with the book there wasn t enough material to fill the whole thing and the author didn t seem tonow how to stretch his information over this large of a stretch The book seems like it started off as an excellent long form article but when the author decided to change it into a book he lost his way I d say one would have to like football to want to read this book and one would probably need to like one would have to like football to want to read this book and one would probably need to like one the two title Bs to like it I think Peyton is probably the best player to ever play butBrady has rings I learned a bunch of things about the two but I at last had a reckoning of the game I consider to be worse than the two horrible BradyPatriots losses to a lesser team. Ile Peyton was born into NFL royalty and a mountain *of outsized expectations yet somehow lived up to and exceeded all * outsized expectations yet somehow lived up to and exceeded all hype claiming virtually every passing record along his path to football immortalityThe contrast in greatness between the overachieving underdog and the crown prince of football between postseason brilliance and statistical dominance has served as an endless source of fascination for fans and media and over the years as the two players have faced off again and again in classic games the argument has only intensified But until now there has never been a definitive treatment of the debate that tells the real story What do Tom and Peyton actually think of each other What do their coaches think of them What about teammates and opposing players What are they like behind closed doors and in the locker room and how does that influence their careers How did their vas.